Transdisciplinarity is upheld when…

Grade 5 students can write a business plan in Language Arts lessons…

Followed by experiential learning by executing a business fair!

Just like in real life, we accept help from our loved ones.

We engage the youth and our peers.
We adjust our presentation according to our audiences to gain the most from our investment! When we enter Middle School next year, we’ll be ready for the “Dragon’s Den”!

Students leading conferences 

Spending time in my child’s workplace reiterates the value I place in her. 

When I demonstrates that I don’t know everything, I humanize myself and can expect greater compassion from my child.When my child leads me through his learning, I give him confidence, building his self-esteem.

Many adults including the teacher are present, but the child owns the conference.

I validate my child’s work experiences like this. 


Sharing public transport is better for the environment. How does buying a ticket work? Grade 1 find out!

Public transport?

Catching the Metro back to school from a field trip when “the school buses don’t turn up” is real world experiential learning. 

Comment le cerveau apprend les langues

Aux Etats-Unis, des recherches ont montré

que les deuxièmes langues sont stockées

dans des endroits différents du cerveau selon

l’âge auquel elles ont été apprises. Les

enfants qui, dès leur naissance, apprennent

deux langues n’utilisent que l’aire de Broca.

Ils y stockent les sons et les mots entendus

sans faire de distinction de langue. Ceux qui

apprennent une deuxième langue à

l’adolescence ou à l’âge adulte aménagent

une zone distincte dans l’aire de Broca. (…)

Ce n’est pas le cas de la vue ou de l’ouïe qui

se trouvent dans les deux hémisphères du


Pour en savoir plus:

Comment le cerveau apprend les langues

Fête de la Francophonie – suite

Les élèves de FLE (grades 4-5) ont eux aussi fêté la Francophonie.

KG1 – Vive la Francophonie!

Le 20 mars, c’est la Fête de la Francophonie. Pétanque, crêpes… rien n’a manqué en KG1!


‘Reflections on Happiness and Positivity’

Our Arabic teachers attended the “Ladies Lounge” attended the interactive session to discuss his Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum book “Reflections on Happiness and Positivity” on the occasion of world happiness day at “Positive Energy Readinf Gallery” in Zabeel Park.

Staff Appreciation!

Beautiful personal messages from the community! 

100th Percentile!

We celebrated an achievement by one of our own! He scored in the 100th percentile in our school, in our city and in the country for Mathematics on a standardized test. He has a great sense of humor, kindly thanked his teachers and can now enjoy his reward!