GAL – Unscramble the story

We need to collaborate, we need to concentrate, we are progressing.  Mrs Alimirzai says she’s so proud of us 🙂

Is Perfect Bilingualism attainable?

While many parents might define bilingualism as a person who can speak two languages with native-like fluency, this ‘gold standard’ is often unreasonable and unattainable. Bilingualism exists on a continuum, where a speaker has varying levels of linguistic proficiency in a first language and a second language.

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Movie night! 

Looking forward to seeing you all at our first ever movie night! 

Thursday from 6:30 to 8 pm! Sports Field!

Vote on a movie title 

Which movie shall we watch? 

GAL – “Laufdiktat”

Running and spelling – this is what we call a “Laufdiktat” in our GAL lesson.


Student Council Bake Sale

Student presidents from Grades 1-5 organized a bake sale to raise money to build friendship benches for the outdoor play areas. They raised two times their target goal. What great teamwork and initiative from our student council! We’re looking forward to seeing those friendship benches being used.