Grade 3B Arabic class

Grade 3B students are enjoying their Arabic class. Some of the students are writing their names in Arabic, some are writing Arabic vocabulary on board and doing the puzzle and flash cards.



What stories can you make up from these available inspirational scenarios? 

Student-made by 4 year olds

How do we teach self management?

Have a look at the task board! Which group are you in? What choices do you have? 

Creative Mess in Grade 1

Organized chaos can lead to intricate, detailed models ready in time for Sharing to Parents

FAL: Français, langue additionnelle

Mr. B: “It is amazing how our SISD students , after being exposed to French language during less than three months, are able to be risk-takers by reading speaking, reading, singing and even being creative  in this language. They have quickly developed an ability to make a foreign language their own.”






EAL happenings…

Bilingual Novel Study

As part of our activities for literature week, Grade 5A and 5B worked together to study the works of Jules Verne in both English and French. Students read excerpts in both languages, researched his novels, and worked together to create a display that brought his novels alive. What great teamwork and collaboration!