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The weather is getting cooler, it’s time to start visiting our Organic garden!

Our organic garden is a wonderful place where students can come close to nature. Growing your own food helps us to understand how important it is to look after our environment. Composting helps teach students to recycle, reuse, reuse and not to waste our precious resources.

Early release Thursdays?

What are the teachers doing? Preparing for appraisal, collaborating across subjects, and planning Science, of course! The PYP relies heavily on careful, structured use of teaching time. Every moment has the potential to be a teachable one. PYP teachers sustain a high probability of teachable moments through Thursday meetings.


After the plants are trimmed, what can we do with the trimmings? We replant them! Reuse!

Built a fire?

The outdoor adventure camp for Grade 3-4 allows children to learn how! Can you build a shelter? Do you have survival skills? Come along and learn!

Happy New Year 2016-2017


We look forward to welcoming all our families on Sunday at 8:15 am!


Our community had put together over 200 packages for the gentlemen workers on our Sports Center construction site. We look forward to distribution tomorrow morning!  

Earth Day

As part of Earth Day celebrations last week, Grade 6 students dressed up in clothing made from recycled materials. We also had planted sunflower and rocket seeds in our organic garden.


This is a link to my presentation about Earth Day

—–>        EARTH DAY 2016         <—–

Flea Market 

Grade 5 students wanted to plan, budget and raise funds for adding play equipment to the school grounds. They proposed a flea market. SISD got behind them and 30+ table sales later, students had new books and toys, we had contributed to a sustainable exchange and everyone had a great time together! It was the BEST!