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Les Moumines – Le Petit Nicolas

10.1.2017 – Emmenée par la comédienne Alice Safran, la compagnie de l’Oiseau Tonnerre a présenté aujourd’hui deux spectacles dans la salle polyvalente de SISD: Les Moumines, pour les plus petits (jardin d’enfants), et Le Petit Nicolas pour les élèves des classes primaires. Une très belle journée théâtrale!


Experience UAE

How do we make the National Day celebration about learning experiences? 

We can touch, talk to and smell a camel!

Middle School students experience facilitating learning for younger students!

We teach and learn how to make art with sand!

We have up close and personal encounters with hunting birds!

We experience diving for pearls!

How did you experience UAE National Day? 

SISD shows their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Our school community came together to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by draping ourselves in PINK!

What does it take?

5-6 hours of practice every day! The DJ started in 2007 with this regime. 

Since 1970 the Merry Go Round was used-two turntables-by DJ Hercules.

A bit of history! 

Grade 4 EOY trip to Wild Wadi


Grade 4 shares one last epic moment together for their end of the year trip to Wild Wadi Water park.

Kamishibai – la boîte magique

Les élèves de PreK ont eu la chance d’accueillir Floriane Leimer, conteuse, et de découvrir le Kamishibai.

Après avoir écouté attentivement une histoire, ils ont bricolé de magnifiques caméléons multicolores.


IMG_4980IMG_4985     IMG_4991IMG_4988                    IMG_4999IMG_4995     IMG_4998


Seit heute kann man die Kunstwerke aller Klassen im Foyer bewundern. Das hier sind die Skateboard Designs der 5. Klasse.


Once upon a time… or two! Es war einmal… oder zweimal!

On May 2nd 2016 Grade 1-5 went to visit a DUCTAC theater show located in Mall of the Emirates.


For the eighth birthday of Charles, his parents organize a treasure hunt on the topic of the tales of Perrault. One morning Charles, his little sister Emilie and their elder brother Max find out that their parents disappeared, but left them a parchment. Provided with GPS chips and mobile phones the children are going on the treasure hunt to find them. The children accidentally run into the stories of Perrault (which is his favorite author) and have a lot of adventures… where the kids meet fairies, ogres, princesses…


Am 2. Mai 2016  besuchten die 1.-5. Klassen ein DUCTAC Theaterstueck in der Mall of the Emirates.


Am 8. Geburtstag von Charles organisieren seine Eltern fuer ihn eine Schatzsuche passend zu den Maerchen von Perrault. Eines Morgens stellen Charles, seine kleine Schwester Emilie und ihr aeltere Bruder Max fest, dass ihre Eltern verschwunden sind, aber ihnen eine Nachricht hinterlassen haben. Ausgeruestet mit GPS Geraeten und Handys gehen sie auf die Schatzsuche, um die Eltern zu finden. Die Kinder geraten dabei aus Versehen in die Maerchen von Perrault, (der der Lieblingsautor von Charles ist) und erleben viele Abenteuer…. wobei sie auf Feen, Oger und Prinzessinnen treffen.


Hier ist das erste Buehnenbild zu sehen.



Staff Spring Brunch


 The Sunshine Committee planned a brunch to show appreciation to the staff at SISD. We thank you for your continued hard work and commitment to our children and school.

100 Days Of School


The 100th day of school is celebrated in schools around the world. Classes will enjoy a break from the normal routine as we practice math skills using games and activities based on the number 100.