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Self Evaluative

Self evaluation against standards is something undertaken by the entire staff at SISD. We understand the DAIR approach. Working backwards from an outstanding school’s report, we think about our own path inspiring excellence.

What’s your type? 

The bilingual model relies heavily on teams and the collaboration between and amongst them. Teachers learned their personality types. What’s yours? Take the quiz

We have one lion. Can you guess who?


What stories can you make up from these available inspirational scenarios? 

Student-made by 4 year olds

How do we teach self management?

Have a look at the task board! Which group are you in? What choices do you have? 

Creative Mess in Grade 1

Organized chaos can lead to intricate, detailed models ready in time for Sharing to Parents

When I walk the walls…

One way to gather information about teaching and learning in a school or classroom is to observe the walls. Have a look! 

Stimulating Environments?

What do we do with our resources? 

Let the children use them, of course!

How we do happiness

We were invited to present at KHDA What Works: Happiness because we won the happy healthy school award last year! 

These were opportunities to teach and to learn from other schools and experts in the field.

A session on Positive Education and growth mindset. When your child experiences success, make the celebration about the steps he/she took to accomplish the goal

We took along a student to talk about how we take action as part of our curriculum.

After learning about Raspberry Pi and Sphero we made connections with partners like Broadway, DEWA, and the Happy Plant project. We can now look forwards to a more connected community!

With stretching sessions and live music it was a buzzing atmosphere!

Grade 4 Become Authors!

Grade 4 students with local author Ali Ezzedine to celebrate the end of literacy week. The students learned what it is like to be an author and took some inspiration for writing from the different stories.