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Inquiring into communities in KG2

As part of our unit on Communities, we have been inviting parents and friends in to talk about their different occupations, and the role they play. Dr Myriam Hampel, a veternarian specialising in birds, and an author, visited us to talk about her job.
The children were fascinated and asked many inquiring questions to create greater understanding.

Burying our Time Capsules

It is finally time to bury our Time Capsules that we made a few units back. During our Free Flow time, Ms Robyn took some of the KG2 children to the Organic Garden, where we buried the Time Capsules, only to be opened when the children are in Year 5.

KG2c dressed up in recycled materials

In celebration of Earth Day, SISD was encouraged to dress in recycled materials. KG2c took the opportunity to show off their creativity. We also enjoyed a litterless lunch, showing that we can look after our earth. Come visit our corridor to see our promises that we made to the Earth.

Flowers changing colour

KG2c have been inquiring into plants and looking at the concept of form and function. The following question was posed to the children : Can plants suck up water if there are no roots? In order to answer the question, a science experiment was set up for them to observe. White flowers (with no roots) in different coloured water. We made predictions and then observed. We noticed that the flower petals slowly started turning the colour of the water, although much lighter in colour. We therefore could conclude that stems still have the ability to suck up water right up to the petals and leaves, even without roots.

Student-Led Conferences

KG2C enjoyed an afternoon sharing their learning with their parents during Student-Led conferences. The children played games with their parents, as well as challenging them to code their names. They also introduced their parents to Beebots and how to use them.

Having fun in the cooler months

KG2c loves to play outdoors. Many exciting learning experiences and inquiries have developed through their play. We have learnt about sunflowers, growth, strength, balance, cooperation, building and  friendship.

Computer Skills in action

KG2 has been inquiring into coding. A part of this has been how we can interact with technology, including computers. KG2c has learnt to use a mouse, click and drag, as well as typing their name. This has been done using a variety of games and activities.  KG2c has developed their confidence and independence.

KG2c trip to Cafe Ceramique

As part of our unit on creativity, KG2 went on a trip to Cafe Ceramique where they designed and painted a tile. This tile will be used as part of a Founders Wall in the school soon.





KG2c Masks

As part of our unit on Creativity, the children in KG2c created and decorated masks. They use a variety of materials to decorate their masks, making them completely unique.


2d Shape pictures

KG2c used their knowledge of shapes to create pictures. They used their imaginations and creativity to create their own pieces of art.

IMG_3790.JPG           IMG_3725.JPG