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SISD shows their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Our school community came together to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by draping ourselves in PINK!

Grade 4 EOY trip to Wild Wadi

Grade 4 shares one last epic moment together for their end of the year trip to Wild Wadi Water park.

Staff Spring Brunch

 The Sunshine Committee planned a brunch to show appreciation to the staff at SISD. We thank you for your continued hard work and commitment to our children and school.

Grade 4 Assembly: Ingredients to make a good friend

The grade 4 assembly focused on togetherness. Our students put on a performance that illustrated all the right things necessary to be a good friend and to find in a good friend.

Recycled Robots in celebration of Earth Day

In celebration of Earth day, grade 4 students created robots out of recycled materials.


Grade 4: Camping Chronicles

Grade 4 went camping with Ecoventure during the first week of March and it was an absolute riot! The children enjoyed sandboarding, rock climbing, archery, fire and shelter building, animal tracking and so much more.

Going to camp really helped our students build stronger relationships with each other as well as with their teachers.

Our students slept in tents for 2 nights and was such troopers when it came to taking their 1-minute showers and keeping up with their jam-packed itineraries.

The best part for both teachers and students was when we all gathered around the campfire to roast marshmallows and share riddles and jokes.


Teacher Spotlight

Last week I had the job to interview a teacher at SISD. I interviewed Mr. Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez is our rock star, 5th grade English teacher. He is from Miami, Florida in America. When I first saw him I thought he was a teacher who just liked to work non-stop but when I got to know him I quickly realized how fun he was; meaning he teaches in a really fun way and that’s why I picked Mr. Rodriguez.

Written by: Farook Al Hosari- Grade 6


Mr. Rodriguez- Grade 5

Meet the best and nicest English teacher in all of Dubai! Ms. Billups is an amazing 4th grade teacher. She is very intelligent and child-friendly. She is super silly and loves to joke around and she makes learning extremely exciting. One thing that I will forever remember about Ms. Billups is when she came to my “Back to School” pool party with my French teacher Mr. Gentilleau.

Written by: Yamen Attiyat- Grade 4



Ms. Billups- Grade 4

Meet Mr. Duncan, one of Dubai’s best PE teachers! Mr. Duncan is the PE teacher for grades 4, 5, and 6 at SISD. The Canadian, gentle giant is known for his hip sports attire and super cool kicks. Mr. Duncan has a really great personality and his students love him.

Written by: Karim Nayed- Grade 4


Mr. Duncan- PE

Ski trip to Verbier

Bist du in der 5. oder 6. Klasse?
Kommst du mit auf unseren Skitrip?

Schaut euch mal Paula West, die Sportlehrerin, an!
Sie traegt bereits unsere coole Skimuetze, die alle Teilnehmer unseres Skitrips bekommen werden.
Die Klassen 5 und 6 reisen im Maerz nach Verbier in den franzoesischen Teil der Schweiz zum Ski- und Snowboard fahren.
Falls du immer noch ueberlegst mitzukommen, beeile dich! Es sind nur noch wenige Plaetze frei.


Are you coming to our Ski trip?

Mrs Paula West, our PE teacher, already ordered these fancy caps for our Grade 5 and 6 ski trip to Verbier, Switzerland this March. If you are still thinking about participating, please hurry! There are only a few spots left!

Written by: Luzius Schuhmacher- Grade 5

Classroom Cooks

Grade 4 has been learning about procedures. We read several books explaining how to do something step-by-step, we learned how to write our own procedural text and best of all, we practiced following a procedure. That procedure was a recipe. That’s right! We turned our classroom into a kitchen and made Spaghetti!! Yummy