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Grade 5 Scuba Divers

As part of our unit on Sharing the Planet, Grade 5 students were risk-takers as they completed a PADI scuba diving course with the Al Boom Diving company. They completed theory sessions, learned skills in the pool and did open water dives in Jumeira and Fujairah. At the end they were presented with their scuba diving certification. What an excellent real-world connection to learn the importance of protecting underwater habitats!

Primary Years Science Fair

On March 16, we had our second SISD Science Fair for students in Grades 1-5. As part of the Science Fair, students participated in Mad Science workshops, Let’s Discover demonstrations, and also shared their knowledge and love for Science with visitors to the Fair.

Young Scientists at SISD

On March 15, students from Pre-K, KG-1 and KG-2 all took part in our Early Years Science Fair. Students watched and participated in Science demonstrations. They were also communicators who shared their learning with parents and visitors, and had a great time while doing it!

Student Council Bake Sale

Student presidents from Grades 1-5 organized a bake sale to raise money to build friendship benches for the outdoor play areas. They raised two times their target goal. What great teamwork and initiative from our student council! We’re looking forward to seeing those friendship benches being used.

Grade 5 Scuba Divers

Grade 5 students are inquiring into how humans and animals connect to a shared environment. As a part of tuning in to this new unit, students took part in a try dive with Al Boom Diving Center to see how we can breathe under water. What great risk-takers!

Bilingual Novel Study

As part of our activities for literature week, Grade 5A and 5B worked together to study the works of Jules Verne in both English and French. Students read excerpts in both languages, researched his novels, and worked together to create a display that brought his novels alive. What great teamwork and collaboration!

Jumping for Charity

The Grade 5 students just completed a Unit of Inquiry about being mindful citizens. As part of their inquiry into being internationally minded, they researched different charities in Dubai. Each group then presented to their class, who voted for a winner to present their ideas to the Grade 7 students. All Grade 5 and 7 students then voted and a winner was chosen: Emirates Airline Foundation. Yamen and Imran in Grade 5A have been sharing their winning presentation with the grades 1-5 classes. The entire school will be participating in a jump rope challenge next month to raise money for this charity. What an excellent example of being caring, internationally-minded students!

Grade 6 Entrepreneurs

As part of our Inquiry into successful entrepreneurship, Grade 6 students were involved in all aspects of business planning as they created their own small businesses and ran a business fair at SISD. Once their start-up loans were paid back, they donated a percentage of their profits to a charity of their choice. A great example of student-initiated action!


Earth Day

As part of Earth Day celebrations last week, Grade 6 students dressed up in clothing made from recycled materials. We also had planted sunflower and rocket seeds in our organic garden.

Grade 6 at the Science Fair

Grade 6 students had a great time at the Science Fair, sharing their Science projects with visiting students, teachers, and parents.