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Self Evaluative

Self evaluation against standards is something undertaken by the entire staff at SISD. We understand the DAIR approach. Working backwards from an outstanding school’s report, we think about our own path inspiring excellence.

What’s your type? 

The bilingual model relies heavily on teams and the collaboration between and amongst them. Teachers learned their personality types. What’s yours? Take the quiz

We have one lion. Can you guess who?


Latest addition to the Lobby! Have a lounge! Put your feet up!


The Happy Plant project chose us as participants! Our Grade 4 students coded Big Red, the SISD happy plant to have a personality! Big Red can be found at SISD (in uniform). Thanks to Big Red and it’s team, SISD are part of the #100daysofhappiness project in the UAE. We were awarded the Gritty Award! 

Do you know what grit is? 

Mr. O’Keeffe and the Gritty Grade 4 Team Big Red!

Experience UAE

How do we make the National Day celebration about learning experiences? 

We can touch, talk to and smell a camel!

Middle School students experience facilitating learning for younger students!

We teach and learn how to make art with sand!

We have up close and personal encounters with hunting birds!

We experience diving for pearls!

How did you experience UAE National Day? 

UNITED Arab Emirates 

Did you notice the National Day decorations? 

Every child matters!

Engaged Management

Mr. Sommer is part of the teacher appraisal processs. Here he supported the learning of two students in a German lesson!


What stories can you make up from these available inspirational scenarios? 

Student-made by 4 year olds

How do we teach self management?

Have a look at the task board! Which group are you in? What choices do you have?