Happiness Assembly

A happy school is fun and safe! Students, teachers and leaders made agreements about how we move through and behave in corridors, in the canteen and in play spaces to safely have fun at our school! 

Sandro modeled how we avoid using the ramp, choosing to use the supervised pathways instead.

Students clarified through questions, “What could happen in the bathroom,” that we go in pairs. We could slip or get stuck. 

Teachers clarified “How we dismiss students in the canteen,” by table. 

Chukri requested for our ‘no hat no play’ policy to be stated in a “friendlier” way; “If you don’t wear a hat, then you can’t play.” All of Grade 2-3 agree that when we hear the whistle, we STOP, LISTEN and then MOVE.

In 20 minutes, we reached consensus, all agreeing to taking individual responsibility for the group’s shared happiness!  

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