Healthy Happy School?

Please view our application for being an H2 school!

Dear Jury,
At the time of application for the healthy and happy school award (H2) in May 2016, we are a 9-month old school. We have tried to capture through photos, video and text all of the healthy eating, holistic living, positive environments and mindfulness, making us who we are. We wish we could simply invite you to visit our happy space to see first-hand how the people at the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai are a happy bunch and the place just feels healthy.
As we submit our application this week, we are gearing up for a student-initiated mural being co-created with a commissioned artist beginning tomorrow. On Thursday, seven selected students are going for a visit to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel’s organic garden for inspiration to begin composting soil as part of the further development of our organic garden and sustainability efforts. Yesterday, our art exhibition opened with very child in the school represented.
Within the final month of school we will be working in partnership with the construction workers on our school’s expansion site, with our caterer, and with our support staff on a campaign providing thank you gifts from students, greater initiatives for healthy eating and contributing more positivity to our healthy and happy place. What a great reward it would be for our community to receive recognition and appreciation for their commitment to healthy and happiness as a new and young school!
Best Regards,
Ms. Sabah Rashid

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