Teacher Spotlight

Last week I had the job to interview a teacher at SISD. I interviewed Mr. Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez is our rock star, 5th grade English teacher. He is from Miami, Florida in America. When I first saw him I thought he was a teacher who just liked to work non-stop but when I got to know him I quickly realized how fun he was; meaning he teaches in a really fun way and that’s why I picked Mr. Rodriguez.

Written by: Farook Al Hosari- Grade 6


Mr. Rodriguez- Grade 5

Meet the best and nicest English teacher in all of Dubai! Ms. Billups is an amazing 4th grade teacher. She is very intelligent and child-friendly. She is super silly and loves to joke around and she makes learning extremely exciting. One thing that I will forever remember about Ms. Billups is when she came to my “Back to School” pool party with my French teacher Mr. Gentilleau.

Written by: Yamen Attiyat- Grade 4



Ms. Billups- Grade 4

Meet Mr. Duncan, one of Dubai’s best PE teachers! Mr. Duncan is the PE teacher for grades 4, 5, and 6 at SISD. The Canadian, gentle giant is known for his hip sports attire and super cool kicks. Mr. Duncan has a really great personality and his students love him.

Written by: Karim Nayed- Grade 4


Mr. Duncan- PE

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