Counting with sharks!

IMG-20150921-WA0008In Grade 3, we have been getting to know each other and ourselves in the first weeks of school and we discovered that many children in our class are interested in sharks! Since we have been working with the Number strand in Math, we decided to figure out exactly how long a Great White Shark is with our tape measure- they can grow to a whopping 6 meters long! A 6 meter fish is a really big animal and we discovered that we could fit almost 5 children in the length of a Great White Shark…but that’s not all.


During our investigation, we discovered there are whale sharks that can grow up to 20 meters in length and that there was a prehistoric shark called Megaladon that paleontologists estimate could grow to 30 meters in length! We had no idea how long 30 meters was, so together with Frau Rabah’s Grade 4 German class, we measured out 20 meters in the hallway and then discovered that we could fit 14 children in the length of one whale shark and 21 children in the length of one Megaladon! That really put things into perspective for us. We loved working together with another class to investigate our interests and we all agree that Megaladon was indeed a rather big fish!

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