Welcome to the SISD Blog!

Welcome to the SISD Blog!

How exciting it is to finally share with you all the adventures of the SISD family! Here is a picture of the first day ever of our SISD students in our amazing campus!


We are excited to share our knowledge, expertise and experiences in order to create a strong relationship with the outside world. Showing the strong investment of the SISD community in Dubai’s appealing environment.

Built following our four values: Bilingual, Excellence, Sustainability and Together (B.E.S.T.), this blog will give you information about multilingualism, languages, IB (International Baccalaureate), awards, events, sustainability efforts etc…We will be sharing information every two weeks with you.

Our teachers are delighted to launch and share with you pictures and in writing the work of our SISD students. Posts will be authored by them and by our growing SISD academic team. We may have guest bloggers periodically and additional authors from across our expanding community contributing to this blog. We hope to use this as a forum to inform you about any important news happening in the school. Our goal is to engage you with interesting and readable posts about various educational topics.

We welcome your feedback, comments and your ideas.  Please enjoy reading the blog as much as we will enjoy posting to the blog.

The SISD Family

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