“Einkaufen in der Metzgerei” – ein Theaterstück der GAL Schülerinnen

Ein von den GAL Schülerinnen (Grade 5) geschriebenes und gespieltes Theaterstück hat einen grossen Anklang bei den jüngeren Zuschauern (KG1 D) gefunden.


Quiz für den Head of School

win_20170219_10_43_25_proWelches Dorf ist es? – Die GAL Schülerinnen Jude und Anouk (Grade 5) haben Herrn Sommer ihre Nachbildung eines Schweizer Dorfs gezeigt. Dank ihren Erklärungen konnte er raten, um welches Dorf es sich handelte: Flims, in Graubünden.


Self Evaluative

Self evaluation against standards is something undertaken by the entire staff at SISD. We understand the DAIR approach. Working backwards from an outstanding school’s report, we think about our own path inspiring excellence.

What’s your type? 

The bilingual model relies heavily on teams and the collaboration between and amongst them. Teachers learned their personality types. What’s yours? Take the quiz

We have one lion. Can you guess who?

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

As part of our inquiry into ‘How the World Works’ Grade 5 went on a field trip to the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization to learn more about the aspects of Islamic faith, science, discoveries, culture and cherish the beauty of Islamic art.

Grade 5 Scuba Divers

Grade 5 students are inquiring into how humans and animals connect to a shared environment. As a part of tuning in to this new unit, students took part in a try dive with Al Boom Diving Center to see how we can breathe under water. What great risk-takers!

Beethoven Workshop

10.01.2016 / All our German and GAL students enjoyed a Beethoven Workshop, lead by Mrs Asal Alimirzai and Mr Benjamin Findlay. They learned the words to the Ode an die Freude (Symphony No 9) as well as the notes, and managed to sing and play the piece very well.

We had Yasmine on saxophone, Salma on violin, Jude on Trombone, Justin and Esther on the piano and the other students on different instruments.

Thanks and congratulations to the participants and facilitators of this wonderful workshop!

Les Moumines – Le Petit Nicolas

10.1.2017 – Emmenée par la comédienne Alice Safran, la compagnie de l’Oiseau Tonnerre a présenté aujourd’hui deux spectacles dans la salle polyvalente de SISD: Les Moumines, pour les plus petits (jardin d’enfants), et Le Petit Nicolas pour les élèves des classes primaires. Une très belle journée théâtrale!